Today I learned Beyonce’s “Partition”, Zumba version. This is perhaps the most important and valuable thing I will ever learn to do and pass on to my kids in the future.

All life in this galaxy has a shining star within itself. Everyone has one… The stronger the light, the more they shine.

Yours looks very shiny. 



Blowjobs from Rin Matsuoka more like



I recently fostered a little girl that goes by the name of Jersey, she’s a small chihuahua. It was my first time fostering and it was something that I had always wanted to do but never quite got the chance to.

After 3 weeks I met a wonderful couple that fell in love with her immediately and she was adopted this weekend. I tried not to become too attached to her, but she was able to provide me with company during a very complicated time. I cried when they finally took her off my arms and into the arms of her new parents but I promise you the tears I shed were tears of happiness. 



After watching episode 7 I really wanted to draw an older, master airbender, Jinora, and thought it would be cute to draw an older Kai as well. :>